Divaris Retail and Office Teams Take a Walking Tour of Town Center

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In lieu of the weekly retail leasing meeting, DRE’s retail and office groups headed outdoors to take a walking tour of The Town Center of Virginia Beach. Gerald Divaris, Chairman/CEO of Divaris Real Estate, Inc., explained that a lot of the projects that the agents work on, even outside of the Town Center, have a direct effect on its overall success. Divaris began the tour by expressing, “This exercise will show you exactly how you fit into the whole process.”

Divaris Town Center

The meeting started with a brief description of the renovations to the existing FYE store to make room for a new ULTA coming to Columbus Village. Retail and office possibilities were discussed for every block, from the new construction at Main Street and Town Center Drive, to the Divaris Corner Suite at Independence Boulevard and Columbus Street. The tour ended at the top of The Westin with extraordinary views of Town Center and beyond.

With Block 11 construction underway and ideas of Block 9 blossoming, the walking tour was a good way to catch up on the new developments and discuss future opportunities available at Town Center. It’s rare that both the office and retail agents meet as one group, so the tour was a great way for the two teams to exchange ideas and brainstorm ways to work together. This is an exciting time to be a part of Virginia Beach’s central business district and Divaris Real Estate is thrilled to be leading the way.

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