Corporate Services


Companies across the nation are turning toward corporate real estate service providers to manage their office leasing, relocation and expansion requirements.  At Divaris Real Estate, our clients have found that relying on our Corporate Services Group to represent their companies in lease and purchase negotiations allows them more time to focus on their core businesses.

One key reason why many companies seek corporate services is to save money by streamlining their real estate department with value added services.  Our team brings an in-depth knowledge of real estate markets throughout the Mid-Atlantic and Southeast.  Our clients receive a consistent analysis process for each market location, with one point of contact working in their best interest.  Clients typically have specific requirements for their offices, covering a wide array of issues.  DRE’s Corporate Services Group understands these criteria by having developed close working relationships with a select group of clients.

To fulfill a client’s expansion needs, Divaris offers a complete analysis of the desired market.  When a client is looking to expand into an area outside of its geographic footprint, we select the best in class local group to educate us on the local market.  “The most important consideration is to develop a relationship with the client so as to provide a consistent quality of service in any market.  They expect and receive the same level of quality and attention,” states Michael Divaris, President and head of DRE’s Corporate Services Group.

The benefit from using Divaris Real Estate as a corporate real estate service provider is maintaining our continued attention after lease negotiations are complete.  Clients receive a lease analysis providing a breakdown of the economic terms, as well as regular phone contact and written status reports.

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