Fort Monroe

Fort Monroe, Hampton, Virginia 23651

Description: Located in Hampton, Virginia, Old Point Comfort is a 570 acre barrier spit of land surrounded by eight miles of panoramic waterfront views of the harbor of Hampton Roads and the Chesapeake Bay. It is home to the largest stone fort ever built in America. With stunning historic neighborhoods, three miles of pristine beaches, and nearly 200 acres of natural resources, you can jog, bike, and stroll along the breezy boardwalk. On September 15, 2011 the U.S. Army departed and Fort Monroe immediately transitioned to a state enclave, open to all.

History: Fort Monroe was established as a U.S. Army installation in 1819. The National Historic Landmark District contains a diverse collection of buildings, structures and landscapes rich in military and American history. More than 170 buildings are proposed to remain and be strategically re-used. New construction will create economic sustainability with mixed land uses and building types that blend culture, commerce, workplaces, housing, recreation, tourism and lodging with an expanded marina, public waterfront esplanade, open spaces and nature trails surrounding a neighborhood village. The result will be compact, connected streetscapes in a pedestrian-friendly urban format that balances walking, cycling, cars and public transportation, while retaining the beautiful natural landscape, waterfront vistas and celebrating the historic structures.

Mixed-Use Land and Facilities: Retail, Office, Resort, Residential, Hospitality, Light Industrial, Education Campus, Corporate Headquarters

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