Divaris Relaunches Website

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Divaris Real Estate would like to welcome everyone as we go live with our redesigned corporate website. As we relaunch the site, please be sure to visit our new blog and news center, while taking a much more comprehensive look at our services and the properties we represent. We feel it’s important for the Divaris brand to continue evolving to best meet our clients’ needs, as well as to provide visitors with relevant industry news and updates about our productivity.

We are also excited to introduce our new blog, because in conjunction with the numerous services DRE offers, we look forward to sharing personal thoughts on our experiences. Divaris is full of creative, energetic and successful professionals who have a vast knowledge of more than just real estate expertise.  Integrated within the website, alongside the blog, we also share our thoughts through various social media outlets, such as Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter.

Finally we want to thank Adam Law of Pedestria for the professional service and innovative process he used to bring this website to life. Through his hands on approach, he created a site that is both cutting edge and easily navigable, while still expressing the personality and professionalism that our Principals, agents, managers and staff show in their daily interactions.

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