Tenant Representation


It is Divaris Real Estate’s function and responsibility to respond to the client’s needs by identifying various real estate opportunities that potentially meet their requirements.  We evaluate all alternatives in terms of property availability, cost, timeline, functionality, investment potential, locational attributes and any other constraints. In conjunction, DRE makes an assessment of any marketing, financial and/or political considerations.  Our professionalism, competence, expertise, resources and experience provide the client with the benefit of an “in-house” real estate advisor, thereby retaining flexibility for the client to make the final decisions on what’s best for their business.

We work diligently with the real estate department, along with senior executives to provide the following services:

  • Market Entry and/or Expansion Strategy
  • Evaluation of Specific Target Areas
  • Marketing Packages with Maps, Demographics, Site Reviews, Rents, Land Cost, Competition, Improvements, Access and Signage
  • Timetable Based on Needs, Market Conditions and Government Approvals
  • Road and Title Searches of Targeted Area for Suitable Sites
  • Contact Existing Tenants and Landlords/Brokers for Properties that Meet Requirements
  • Site Presentation
  • Assess Zoning, Sign Codes, Traffic and Construction Requirements
  • Lease/Purchase Negotiations
  • Construction Permits and Other Regulatory Procedures Prior to Opening
  • Continued Screening of Opportunities from Landlords/Brokers

For more detailed materials on our Tenant Representation Services, please contact info@divaris.com.

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