Your competitive advantage in an ever-changing marketplace.

Divaris Consulting Services is a new branch of the Divaris group which will focus on market analysis, customer demographics, psychographics, product merchandising and display, pricing analysis, and cutting-edge sales and marketing services for the increasingly competitive brick-and-mortar retail industry. This new division is run from our Beverly Hills office and is headed by Maria Divaris Hammerson, a seasoned expert in the fashion industry who has worked with a number of high profile clients, ranging from Cartier to Diesel. In combination with Divaris Real Estate and Divaris Property Management Corporation, DRE is now in a unique position to offer a full gamut of services to their clients on both the tenant and landlord sides of the industry.

Fashion and Retail Expertise

DCS’s focus will be to take an in-depth look at the customer, get a thorough understanding of their demographics and psychographics, how they shop and behave, the impact of social media on their segment and their “hot buttons”. We also analyze what the retailer is doing today: the store merchandising and price offering, their mix of SKUs, their store locations and sizes, etc. From this fully-informed basis, our team of experts can then recommend modifications to merchandise mix, price points, store location, size and configurations, as well as digital presence, social media, public relations, brand positioning, experiential engagement and new marketing opportunities.

Market Research

Too often, big companies are so frozen by convention that they fail to evolve with their customer and the changing retail environment. It is crucial for retailers to start thinking outside of the traditional experience, as consumers are shopping more and more online. Motivating people to make the trip to stores requires greater incentives – they need a better experience, something they can’t get online. The goal of Divaris Consulting Services is to look, not just at the facts and figures from research, but understand the “x factor” that drives target consumers to go out and spend.

Marketing & Advertising

Divaris Consulting Services features a comprehensive communications consultancy with both branding and digital expertise. This Los Angeles-based branch helps brands understand and navigate the quickly changing media landscape through considered relationships, zeitgeist-led research and results driven campaigns.

The non-traditional consultancy offers its clients a global and strategic point of view through an extensive network in Los Angeles, New York and London. We have a partnership with global a branding agency whose clients include Apple, Spotify and SXSW. The strategical alignment allows the consultancy to deliver creative, content and communications campaigns to its partners.