How Divaris is moving commercial real estate forward

Whether you’re a tenant, landlord or otherwise, access to high quality data to inform your critical decisions has become imperative to remain competitive in today’s commercial real estate landscape. We utilize a variety of cutting edge tools to aid us in market research, targeting, marketing, reporting and more. As a client of Divaris Real Estate, you can be certain you’re basing your decisions on the most up-to-date, relevant and high quality information.


Our research department combines traditional approaches such as census reporting with modern tools like geolocation and foot traffic analysis to give you comprehensive insight into the composition of any market.



Getting your property in front of the right audience and keeping it there is the key to success, and we utilize a combination of digital and conventional methods to get the job done effectively and efficiently.



The marketing team uses professional design tools alongside an advanced marketing management system which allows us to turn around consistent, accurate marketing materials across a variety of media.


Our property management, accounting, sales and leasing teams leverage innovative reporting tools to keep our property owners and business partners in the know about their properties and prospects.


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