Protection, preservation and enhancement of asset value.

The Divaris Real Estate team has extensive experience as court-appointed receivers, taking control of a physical property, its receivables, security deposits, cash, equipment and other assets. We inspect all building systems, renegotiate all contracts and evaluate staffing to provide a cost-benefit analysis of every aspect of the project. We appoint Trustees with all of the real estate functions required to preserve and stabilize the asset and to continue managing and leasing the property in a strategic manner, leading to its ultimate sale.

While our primary responsibility as a receiver is to protect and preserve the real property collateral, we pride ourselves on the ability to actually increase the value of the distressed assets in receivership. We employ our experienced leasing, property management and sales teams to reduce vacancy rate, increase revenue and improve property integrity so that the asset will bring the highest possible purchase offers.

The Divaris Process

Whether the case is large or small, complex or straightforward, our multifaceted approach streamlines the process in order to ensure a cost-effective and positive outcome.


Prior to appointment, our specialists work with the counsel to ensure that the draft Court Order includes all requisite items.

Secure Asset

Immediately secure and safeguard the asset and financial instruments.


Carefully inspect the property and assess any potential problems with the asset.

Audit Records

Obtain, review and/or audit all financial records to ensure continuity and accuracy.


Create and implement a comprehensive asset stabilization plan.


Report progress to all parties and ensure seamless transition to REO.

Recent Examples of Success

Fairfield Shopping Center | Divaris Real Estate was assigned receivership for this 242,570 SF shopping center in Virginia Beach. We did a full analysis, created a game plan, prioritized the property’s needs and ensured that all receivables up to date. Initially, we found a number of major deficiencies, which were immediately corrected. The property was stabilized for foreclosure, and the asset was then sold by the bank in a very short time frame. The entire process from beginning to end took only 10 months.

5200 City Line Drive | This 57,024 SF industrial property located in Hampton VA was initially in need of a number of repairs and had a large vacancy that needed to be filled. We were able to stabilize the property by correcting major deficiencies as well as leasing the building’s vacant space. While this property’s location presented a challenge for the leasing team, we were able to rely on our market knowledge to find a tenant quickly and efficiently. The property was sold by the bank shortly thereafter.