AMO accredited with a proven track record.

Professional property management is a unique field of endeavor. It requires a level of service that is highly responsive, innovative, creative and sensitive to the individual needs, financial goals and objectives of each owner. Unlike traditional management firms, Divaris specializes in property management services tailored to meet the operational and occupancy requirements of our owner’s properties. In doing so, Divaris applies the talents of its management specialists who understand client needs and are dedicated to preserving and enhancing the value, functionality, and usefulness of an asset.

We're an Accredited Management Organization

Divaris Property Management Corp. is proud to be among the elite group of firms that have earned the prestigious AMO designation. This designation demonstrates our commitment to the highest standards of ethics and integrity and shows that we are willing to take the extra step required to ensure that your investment receives the highest level of service. We have a group of qualified and seasoned real estate managers, with many holding CPM, RPA and CPA designations.

Divaris does property management differently.

We’re often asked what sets us apart from the pack. What makes us the best fit for your unique portfolio? We feel that there are three factors that make us unique in the marketplace.

We aim to maximize revenue

We do this through specialized lease admin and cost control methods that save you operational expenses and bolster your bottom line.

We excel in the properties of all sizes

Our largest property under management is over 1.5 million square feet, and the smallest is less than 10,000 square feet. They are given the same professional service across the board.

We retain our business partners

The proof is in our relationships - our clients usually stay with us for much longer than the industry average retention time.