We created a different kind of commercial real estate agency.

Divaris comprises one of the largest and most highly regarded full-service commercial real estate firms on the Eastern seaboard of the United States. Founded in 1974 in South Africa, Divaris relocated its corporate headquarters to Virginia in 1981. We maintain offices throughout the mid-Atlantic region. Our mission is simple: to consistently meet and exceed the expectations of our clients by leveraging our unique combination of talent,  technology and connectedness.

A Focus on Talent

We believe that our people and their vision for the success of our clients is the single greatest asset that we can offer. Our directors, agents and property managers come from a wide variety of disciplines in the commercial real estate world, with a combined skill set that allows us to navigate this multifaceted industry with both agility and efficiency. As a client of Divaris Real Estate, this vast collection of industry knowledge will become your resource, allowing us to help you realize your commercial property goals and beyond.

Leveraging Technology

Technological innovation has completely changed the world, and with it, the commercial real estate industry. By leveraging new technologies, we are able to provide our clients with more accurate market data, enhanced targeting, beautiful marketing, more efficient financial reports, and much more. We are constantly keeping a finger on the pulse of new technology in this sector, and thereby giving our client the competitive edge.

Bringing It All Together

Divaris is a founder and principal member of The CORE Network and Realty Resources. These national groups of full-service retail, office and industrial brokers serve every major market in the United States and several areas of Canada and Europe. Together, we provide member firms with a forum to exchange leads, resources and contacts, thereby combining the strengths and advantages of a national organization with the benefits and efficiencies of local expertise.